I’m Pink and Black and Blue for You


I love Passion Pit. I love remixes. I love Passion Pit remixes. Passion Pit just remixed another song; Chairlift’s iPod-commercial-boosted “Bruised”, and, by the transitive property, I automatically love it. You will enjoy the stutter-step intro and frantic synth-driven pace. You will also enjoy the video game intro music breakdown at the 2:32 part. You will listen immediately:

MP3: Chairlift – “Bruises (Passion Pit Remix)”

While you’re at it, you will head over to Neon Gold and listen to the Pit’s remix of Gotye’s classic “Learnalilgivinanlovin'”, which, while not quite as good as the “Bruises” remix, is still fantastic.

You will appreciate this.


2 Responses to I’m Pink and Black and Blue for You

  1. Erik Klerf says:

    Passion Pit is indeed epic. I learned about them last year from Michael Angelakos’ brother, who goes to my school.

    And the MP3’s been removed =/

  2. Yeah, link is down but I just peeped it at Hypem. Pretty dope track. I love the stutter step intro. Good tunes.

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