Uh Oh, Please Tell Me When to Go


Theophilus London is a Neon Gold discovery, and as much as it angers me to admit that Derek may have found the next big MC (who else samples Whitney Houston, Lauryn Hill, and Bjork?), I must give credit where credit is most definitely due. The Brooklyn-based London drops pop-culture references almost as frequently as ATG-fave Wale and his impeccable style and music sense (usage of the aforementioned samples, and remixes of Solange, The Very Best, and Amadou & Mariam) is apparent on both of his mixtapes; JAM! and This Charming Mixtape. Everything about this guy, from his name to his obsession with old cameras to his trailblazing beats, screams success. Check out his remix of The Very Best’s “Warm Heart of Africa”, as well as his retake on Solanges “Sandcastles”, which gets my vote as the best hip-hop song of 2009.

MP3: The Very Best (ft. Ezra Koenig) – “Warm Heart of Africa (Theophilus London Remix)
MP3: Theophilus London – “Sand Castles Black X Blue”

Expect big things from Theo in late 2009/2010.


One Response to Uh Oh, Please Tell Me When to Go

  1. nn says:

    he’s a normrex discovery has been since day 1 get your facts straight

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