Oh I Will Never Be the Same Again


You would be hard pressed to find a song more blissful than “Seasun”, the first single by Barcelona-based Delorean, who just recently released their debut, Ayrton Senna EP. The sunkissed melody is, pardon the cliche, perfect for a Summer night drive or as an excuse to stay awake to watch the sun rise at six in the morning. “Seasun” strikes all the right chords, and hits you with bass and vocals at just the right time, while all the while staying rather uncomplicated. Be sure to grab “Seasun” below and grab yourself a copy of the EP, which is packed with similarly-themed jams. Also, make sure you check out their flawless remix of Mystery Jets’ underrated “Half in Love with Elizabeth”, which I’ve been pumping solidly for a year or two now, and fits the same mold as “Seasun” in terms of accessibility and lushness.

MP3: Delorean – “Seasun”
MP3: Mystery Jets – “Half in Love with Elizabeth (Delorean Remix)”


One Response to Oh I Will Never Be the Same Again

  1. Derek Jordan says:

    “Seasun” could be used in lots of movie scenes where the character emotion is realization.

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