Fun – Walking the Dog

When I think about it, The Format was really only one of the few of my truly favorite bands that ever called it quits.  Upon hearing the news I was devastated.  Fortunately, Nate Ruess of that now defunct group decided to join forces with Steel Train’s Jack Antonoff and Anathallo’s Andrew Dost to form Fun, a band that packs just as much of that cheerful pop sound that made the Format into what it was.  A while back I posted Fun’s first demo of a little ditty called “Benson Hedges.”  Since then, the guys have released a couple more tracks online, the most recent of which being “Walking the Dog.”  I can’t believe I’m saying this, but part of me is a little happy the Format is gone.  Fun is absolutely fantastic.  Considering the line-up and the material released thus far, the band’s upcoming debut release, Aim & Ignite, is lined up to be one of this year’s best albums.  Head on over to their MySpace and see for yourself.

STREAM: Fun – Walking the Dog


3 Responses to Fun – Walking the Dog

  1. Jill says:

    While I will forever be sad that Nate and Sam are no more, I am super optimistic about Aim & Ignite. Thanks for putting the word out! Counting down the days to 8/25.

  2. Jordan says:

    Itresting post, Im going to subscribe to you.

  3. Dogs sure are one of the most amazing gods creation lol

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