You Got Me Going So Insane and I Just Don’t Know What’s Going Down


It’s high time I discuss one of my favorite new bands, Discovery, on these here pages. I have been blasting their debut, LP, over every speaker I can find and have been forcing everyone and their mother to give it a listen (the homeless guy on 18th and M LOVED IT). The reactions to the group, which consists of Vampire Weekend’s Rostam Batmanglij and Ra Ra Riot’s Wes Miles, have been varied, from “this is unique and awesome” to “this is auto-tune pop garbage”. While I fall in the first category, I can’t say I blame casual listeners for dismissing Discovery as some masturbatory side project that is both unoriginal and unlistenable. However, upon deeper listening, everyone I know has grown to love the unique crashing synths, filtered vocals, and oddly fascinating r&b melodies. The music is an embrace and also
a commentary on the pop music of the past decade, of booming
808 bass and jittery sixteenth note high-hats.

Highlights include VW’s Ezra Koenig’s cameo on “Carby” and an homage to MJ on “I Want You Back in Discovery.” Check out my favorite track, “So Insane”, which relies heavily on tempo changes, powerful bass, and

MP3: Discovery – “So Insane”


3 Responses to You Got Me Going So Insane and I Just Don’t Know What’s Going Down

  1. Linds says:

    Orange Shirt has been my frickin’ SUMMER. JAM.

  2. Demedici says:

    Link’s not working correctly. Which is a shame, since I’m dying to hear this track.

  3. FLWB says:

    and what Zack? Please finish the thought.

    I’m still trying to remember who the vocals on Insane remind me of. It was an 80’s synth pop band and it’s just itching at the bass of my skull…

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