Rx Bandits – “Bring Our Children Home…”

My boys have released yet another track off of their upcoming record, Mandala.  To echo what I said in my earlier post, “Bring Our Children Home or Everything Is Nothing” carries a The Sound of Animals Fighting vibe.  I’m guessing that without having Steve Borth (sax) and Chris Sheets (trombone) around for the recording process, the Rx Bandits have been able to take a more rock approach to their music, focusing more on the potential of traditional instruments and scrapping the horn-driven, ska-tinged sound of previous efforts.  I’m liking “Bring Our Children Home…” a lot more than “Hope Is a Butterfly…,” and I’m absolutely sure Mandala will be nothing short of amazing.  For now, I’ll stop with the speculation and save my thoughts for when the album actually comes out.  But let’s be serious, who in the world could ever write something negative about these guys?

MP3: Rx Bandits – “Bring Our Children Home or Everything Is Nothing” [via ReverbNation]

Also, the band posted “Hope Is a Butterfly…” onto their MySpace, so those of you who were too lazy to sign up for their mailing list can now stream it effortlessly.


2 Responses to Rx Bandits – “Bring Our Children Home…”

  1. yes,yes,yes, i will die the day i get my hands on this. pre-ordered on vinyl, should be one of the years best!

  2. Christopher says:

    This is so dope. thank. BTW – I just posted the new Sublime Goodness mixtape here: http://www.sublimegoodness.com/2009/06/sublime-goodness-mixtape-vol-ii.html

    It’s because of this blog that I got the idea of even putting the darn things together.

    Carry on.

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