I Hope It’s Gonna Make You Notice

UPDATE: Song removed at artist’s request. Listen to a preview here.


In my tours through Ireland and London, I came to realize how much Europeans (and my friends Katie and Emma) are enamored with Kings of Leon. After hearing “Sex on Fire” bumped in literally every venue from Irish Pubs to H&Ms, I figured I’d dig deeper. It’s no surprise to anyone that Only by the Night became such a massive hit, and rightfully so, but I didn’t realize just how universal the sound was. I tried to test my theory that everyone loves Kings of Leon by putting on “Use Somebody” during one of my DJ sets in Florence last semester. Within a matter of seconds, everyone was intrigued, and, if not dancing, at least listening intently. Now, if only I had a copy of the DJ Slink remix of “Use Somebody” at the time. Yeah, maybe it’s less universal, but damn is it ever danceable. Drawing from the best parts of the original (the catchy as hell “oooooohhhhwhoaaohhh” and “someone like meeee”), DJ Slink adds a whole new element to an ATG favorite. Bump this at your next party, and watch as frat kids, southern gentlemen, indie kids, and the like find a way to bond over some of the best music in the past few years, courtesy of Kings of Leon.

MP3: Kings of Leon – “Use Somebody (DJ Slink Remix)”

You know that I could use somebody,

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  1. Mrs Caleb Followill says:


  2. Tay says:

    Hey man,

    Can you send me the DJ Slink remix of Use Somebody? I’m a big fan of Kings of Leon and would love to hear the track.

    Maybe FTP, or host torrent and lemme know where you’re hosting it? Maybe even email might work?

    Nice blog, keep rockin’


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