Sit Back and Wave through the Daylight – ATG Returns


It’s been pretty desolate ’round these here parts for the last few weeks. To be fair, Adrian’s graduation and my return from the most exciting six months of my life have kept us quite busy, and not too focused on contributing around here. That needs to change, for your sake and, moreso, for my own. This blog has slowly seen its activity dwindle, yet our blog tracker shows that you all still check in every day, hoping that we’ve awoken from a much-needed slumber to deliver our own brand of music journalism. I am embarrassed with the lack of writing here, and am ready to make some serious changes. Over the coming weeks, we will be remodeling the site in order to better serve the readers, and to trumpet our return as a serious active outlet for new and exciting music. We want you to be more active in the process, so if you have a band or musician you’d like to have heard, email us at and we’ll publish your posts. In addition, we would love to see improved feedback through our comments section (50% of our recent comments are “enjoy viagra penis viagra oxycontin” which, while exciting, isn’t necessarily relevant).

I know that you have heard all of this before, and are not setting your expectations high. That is fair and we deserve that, and we are ready and willing to win you all back. With that in mind, check out the already-blown-up-yet-still-totally-worth-posting “Daylight” by the suddenly popular Matt & Kim (which was recently featured in a Bacardi ad).

MP3: Matt and Kim – “Daylight”

Sit back and wave through the daylight.



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