I’m Never Growing Up


Pardon the interruption, but I’m in Paris right now. First time in the most beautiful city in the world, and it’s everything I imagined and then some. I’ll be getting back to the writing come Monday, but until then, check this ridiculous hip-hop sample of MGMT’s “Kids”, courtesy of Philly-based Chiddy Bang. Normally, I’d reject anything from Philadelphia on the basis of my DC-centric ego, but goddam if the sample isn’t fucking hot. Granted, the verses leave something to be desired (Really? A Svetlana from Real World reference? Really?), but who cares.

Unfortunately, I must give credit to Derek of Neon Gold for the find, who always gets to things before I do, and thusly makes me look like a copy-cat. Damnit.

MP3: Chiddy Bang – “Kids”




6 Responses to I’m Never Growing Up

  1. ACK says:

    nice spelling

  2. wow says:

    This track is pretty old… it’s been traveling the blogosphere since the beginning of April–Neon gold was late on it as well, per usual. You may be in Paris, but give me something I haven’t heard everywhere. I’m not gonna lie, ATG has been sort of a let down these past few months…

  3. wow says:

    wow, you’re rude

  4. Zack says:

    Dearest Wow,

    You try studying abroad, enjoying yourself in Europe while writing a blog. In fact, just try writing a blog. I’m sorry I’m not as cutting edge as you had hoped. Why not save yourself the time and go masturbate to the latest news on Pitchfork.

  5. Josh says:

    Great track Zack. Thanks for letting everyone who isn’t ‘letting wow down’ know about it.

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