It’s Called STUDY Abroad? I Thought it Was Just….Abroad…

I have recently discovered this fact, and boy does it ever suck. Let’s give it a rundown, shall we? Let’s see: Four (4) 8-page papers. Three (3) Oral presentations on aforementioned papers. One (1) book review test. All of these are due by next Tuesday at the latest. I am also headed to Amalfi, Capri, Sorrento, Positano, and Pompeii from Thursday-Sunday, cutting out 3 days of work time. I am fully aware that I cannot complain, since I am in paradise and it’s my own damn fault that I cannot budget my time. But this is my blog, so rant I shall. If you are struggling through finals, enjoy this baby crying in autotune, and these songs whose titles sum up my perils.

MP3: The Postal Service – “There’s Never Enough Time”
MP3: Band of Horses – “The End’s Not Near”



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    that baby is the shittttt

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    Dude, would you mind updating the link to my site? I’m at now.


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    check this out…

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