New Death Cab for Cutie – The Open Door EP


So I go and write one of the best posts I’ve ever written, a detailed Odyssey of my ever-changing relationship with Death Cab for Cutie, and right as I go to insert the picture, my computer crashes. Today is just not my day. And it’s not yours either, because I’m too angry to try and recreate what I wrote. Instead, you get the synthetic watered-down version. Get over it.

Here’s what I can remember of what I said: Seth Cohen’s Transatlanticism poster = GOOD. The word “emo” to describe Death Cab = BAD. My green DCFC t-shirt = GOOD. Not being able to wear it for fear of being called a pussy = BAD. Losing said t-shirt = SAD. Narrow Stairs = DECENT. All of this brings us to The Open Door EP = FANTASMIC.

What I love the most about their newest EP is that the band maintains the unparalleled beauty in the music while completely altering the message and tone. Sorrowful, heavy introspection is trashed in favor of a more happy and hopeful introspection. Highlights include “Little Bribes” and “My Mirror Speaks”, which you can sample below. Let us all hope that their next full length is more like The Open Door; accessible, mature, and goddamn gorgeous.

MP3: Death Cab for Cutie – “My Mirror Speaks”

In unrelated news, Pitchfork totally shits on Asher Roth’s album. Can we stop listening to his garbage now?



4 Responses to New Death Cab for Cutie – The Open Door EP

  1. steven john says:

    but asher roth’s song about college connects more to my experiences at the university of wisconsin at madison than the whole hybrid album of jay-z and linkin park ever did!

  2. Linds says:

    I love how all of us simultaneously reveled in Pitchfork’s review.

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  4. Kate says:

    I have that shirt. 😀

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