All Things Go Cannabliss Mixtape IV



One of our oldest traditions here at ATG is the mixtape, all dolled with album artwork, individual tracklisting, and some serious thought put into song selection. While the oldest version is the Valentine’s Day mix, the Cannabliss Mixtape is not far behind, and here we are delivering our fourth edition dedicated to the celebration of April 20th. Whether or major in herbology or not, the Cannabliss Mixtape IV is still accessible to you. With beautiful songs from up-and-comers like Fleet Foxes and Flosstradamus to chilled out synth voyages from Beirut and Animal Collective, the mixtape has a little something for everyone. More whimsical and blissed-out than the more aggressive Cannabliss III, this mixtape is perfect for many occasions including, but not limited to: smoking, not smoking, rainy days, beautiful summer days, driving at night, crying (ATG-tested), eating, eating while crying, crying self to sleep, and sleeping.

Enough with the talking, go find out for yourself. As usual, the .ZIP file is available below, as well as the individual tracks.

.ZIP: All Things Go Cannabliss Mixtape IV [follow link]

MP3: 01) Fleet Foxes – “White Winter Hymnal”
MP3: 02) The Sea and Cake – “Sound and Vision”
MP3: 03) The Books and Jose Gonzalez – “Cello Song”
MP3: 04) The Lonely Island – “Shrooms (Interlude)”
MP3: 05) Passion Pit – “Sleepyhead”
MP3: 06) Starfucker – “Florida”
MP3: 07) Flosstradamus ft. Caroline Polachek – “Big Bills”
MP3: 08) Beirut – “No Dice”
MP3: 09) Animal Collective – “My Girls”
MP3: 10) The National – “About Today”

Enjoy the mix, and make sure not to operate heavy machinery on a day such as this.



4 Responses to All Things Go Cannabliss Mixtape IV

  1. chrisrowe says:

    thank you thank you thank you

  2. janet says:

    This is such an odd playlist, I don’t know if I could handle the falsettos in Passion Pit while…err under the influence, it would totally give me bad weed thoughts. Animal Collective and Fleet Foxes on the other hand, hells yea.

    Passion Pit are also on the new Josh Schwartz web- series Rockville CA (, they perform Sleepyhead and do an interview.

  3. poseur alert says:

    new remix context without releasing the song = very lame. do your duty!

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