And Now I Got My Wish, ‘Cause I Know I’m a Gay Fish


Honestly though, after cutting all the egotistical garbage out of Kanye’s music, is it all that bad? I just relistened to 808s and Heartbreak, which I initially loathed, and maybe its just the adderrol talking or the amazing headphones I’m wearing that make every song sound awesome, but goddamn if the beats aren’t interesting as hell. And my readership disappears in 4….3….2….1…..

Also, if his response on his blog (which is legit, by the way) to the ribbing South Park pointed his way last week is genuine, maybe Kanye has turned a corner and can get back to College Dropout/Late Registration days.

Or maybe he’ll just continue to be the slut of the sea, the gayest of the gay fish.

MP3: Kanye West vs. Radiohead – “Reckoner Lockdown (DJ Earworm)



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