New Wale, Hood Internet = One (1) Happy Blogger


Let’s see. Since we last spoke, I turned 21, climbed the tallest building in Florence, and DJ’d my third set here (pictures later). You know what else has happened in that span? Some awesome music happened.

If you didn’t know already, Wale is from DC, likes DC, and likes talking about DC. For this reason, he is my favorite person on the planet right now (sorry Fred Smoot, Ted Leo, and Terry Crews). Just when we began to tire of countless mixtapes and no album in sight, the DMV’s finest drops a doozy on us in the form of “Chillin”, which apparently will be on his debut. The beat is unorthodox to say the least, and Wale’s pop-culture references and disastrous flow are top notch, as usual. Check it:

MP3: Wale – “Chillin”

“D.C. chillin, P.G. chillin, my name Wale and I came to get it”

Next up is the newest Hood Internet mash-up featuring one of my favorite musicians and one of my favorite rappers, Beirut and Ghosftace Killah (Guess which one raps!?!?). “Save Me Concubine” demonstrates the Chicago DJ’s keen ear for splicing the hottest indie tracks with dynamite verses. If you haven’t heard of the duo before, get out from under that rock and head over HERE.

MP3: The Hood Internet – “Save Me Concubine (Ghostface Killah vs. Beirut)”

Enjoy the tune-age, and keep reading over at mtvU.


2 Responses to New Wale, Hood Internet = One (1) Happy Blogger

  1. pizza pie says:

    love wale… “I remain a Giant… You Jeremy Shockey”

  2. Linds says:

    Hood internet! me?

    (ha, look I’m funny)

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