Ryan’s Ramblings: On Reality and Black Lips


I (Zack) have decided to title all of Ryan’s new posts “Ryan’s Ramblings:” If you don’t like it you can git out. Awwwww, here goes:

How existential. Being in London has left me pondering a basic notion about reality. Does something exist on its own, or does prior knowledge affect one’s perception of that something. Are my preconceptions of London and the rest of the world “false” because of stereotypes and other preconceptions that I hold? If I think I’m working at a bar, am I really working there? (PS: I got fired) Do the Black Lips really deserve their reputation for crazy shows, or is that reputation really the root of said “craziness?”

Who knew that seeing the Black Lips last night would trigger these thoughts, and also make the last paragraph somewhat inane? I’ve been listening to them since Let It Bloom, with some reservations. They’re known for their muddy, out of tune guitars and pseudo- punk/60’s rock style. To me it’s the kind of music that’s good for a while, but doesn’t really hold my attention that long. As mentioned above, the do have a reputation, and recently got kicked out of India, so I thought it’d be good to see them live again in a bigger venue this time.

All in all, their music was pretty predictable. If you like it, it’s good, but it’s easy to hate too. Not pretty or melodic, but inaccurate and styled. What I didn’t expect was getting caught in the middle of a mosh pit. I haven’t been slammed into, tossed around, or kicked in the head that much since I was 16. And this is where the first part of this post becomes relevant again. Why did people have this reaction? I’d say it was part alcohol, part British music culture, and part reputation. People think that the Black Lips put on crazy shows and then do their part to make sure that that’s the outcome. I could understand moshing to some of the music, like the popular “Katrina”, but not slower songs like “Hippie, Hippie, Hoorah.” Overall, it was a fun time, but I’d probably pass it up next time. They have a new album, 200 Million Thousand, coming out Feb. 24th apparently, so here is a new song from it, called “Drugs”.

MP3: The Black Lips – “Drugs”

PS: I WILL be talking about music actually from the UK, but American music is kind of inescapable. Hopefully I’ll get out there to see some more local acts.

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  2. cougarmicrobes says:

    Been reading All Things Go for a while and this post was as always enjoyable.

    Would love to hear more about your thoughts on the city and the music that you are picking up en route.


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