Spotlight On: Harlem Shakes


If you only listen to me once for all of 2009, listen to this: DO NOT SLEEP ON HARLEM SHAKES. I REPEAT. DO. NOT. SLEEP. ON. HARLEM SHAKES. After being introduced to the awesomeness that is “Carpetbaggers” back in ’06, I have been waiting patiently for some new material from the guys from–where else–Brooklyn. After touring with the likes of Beirut, Vampire Weekend, and most recently, Tokyo Police Club, the band got together with promising young producer Chris Zane (Passion Pit, The Walkmen, etc.) to put together an altogether solid LP, Technicolor Health, which drops March 24th, at which point you will go out and buy it or remove my blog from your favorites. Honestly, if you don’t enjoy the new album, you don’t enjoy life, puppies, or happiness, and therefore don’t enjoy this establishment.

The production value and crispness is astounding from such a young band, which, according their myspace, makes sense because their members were “obsessed with pop music their whole lives, and after all the reiterations, they still have great faith in its power to make you and them feel a little better about things.” I could not have said it better myself. Check out “Sunlight”, which has an almost uncomfortably infectious hook and is all but guaranteed to dominate the indie charts upon its release. Also, be sure to listen to my favorite song on the album, “Strictly Game”, which starts out sounding more like DJ Tiesto or “Calabria 2007”, but then takes a decidedly bouncy and happy turn, forcing you to tap your toes and shake your shoulders. With Technicolor Health, Harlem Shakes announce that they are ready to take the blogosphere. As the band sings on “Strictly Game”, now that the Harlem Shakes are around, “this will be a better year”.

MP3: Harlem Shakes – “Sunlight”
MP3: Harlem Shakes – “Strictly Game”



5 Responses to Spotlight On: Harlem Shakes

  1. Frank Sanchez says:

    Simply amazing.

  2. timbrough says:

    wat wat


  3. bryant richardson says:

    youre so late on this

  4. iris says:

    saw them open up for Tokyo Police Club at the Black Cat – so good. with them first on stage, i knew it was going to be an awesome concert.

  5. willisright says:

    a shiteload better than Vamp Weekend and Tokyo Police Club

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