Postcards from Italy


The View from the Top of the Duomo in Florence, Which I Climbed Up Today.

I cannot use words to describe my travels in Italy thus far. This is easily the best experience of my life, and I am trying to soak it all in as best I can. You have to understand, then, why it’s been fairly barren ’round these here parts the past few weeks. I can’t vouch for Adrian (’cause he’s just a lazy asshole) but I can say that I’ll try to get stuff up here as often as I can, and let you know that Ryan, who helped found this here blog, is going to start writing about his travels in London, which should be fun. I can also tell you that I have an awesome surprise for you on Saturday. Lastly, I can tell you that people that comment on hip-hop posts on mtvU are painfully dumb, to the point of which they actually enjoyed this song, which I tried to be diplomatic about in my write-up. Please, if you read ATG, go over to mtvU, read my post, and educate these hoodlums by setting them straight in the comments. Un-break my heart, if you will. Also, just go over there because I’ll be writing over there with more frequency than I write here.

Finally, listen to this song. I have played it an unhealthy amount of times during my time here, as it is one of the most simply beautiful songs ever crafted. God bless Beirut.

MP3: Beirut – “No Dice”



3 Responses to Postcards from Italy

  1. Schutz says:

    i got your back Z!

  2. Scooter says:

    So, you realize this song is just The Neverending Story by Limahl, without the words, right?

  3. Adrian says:

    Sorry for being so lazy. Got lots of things to do, like apply for jobs in this god-forsaken economy, schoolwork, etc. But make sure you don’t stress yourself out over there in Italy — visiting Rome, climbing to the top of Duomo in Florence, and eating pasta can be pretty rough.

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