Claire’s Column; Beggin’ and Adidas Commercials

Hi Everyone,

I’m back at school now after a very long, very busy winter break. Leaving D.C. was especially hard this time around because I had to say bye to Zack for a while as he heads off to Florence (and I have a tendency to get pretty emotional). I’m planning a visit in the near future so I don’t have the right to complain too much. Over break I discovered a lot of good new music. My hard drive crashed causing me to temporarily lose all of my music which was a huge bummer but in some ways it was also a blessing because it forced me to start re-building my music library from scratch. As I poured over hype machine etc. I came across a lot of great new music and also rediscovered some old songs I had forgotten about.

One song I discovered thanks to my friends Lansing and Randolph, is a combination of old and new, Pilooski’s remix of Frankie Valli “Beggin’.” The song is featured in Adidas’s new star studded commercial for their original sneakers. If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth watching. Although the party looks awesome I was more intrigued by the song. It has an awesome build up in the beginning and is a great song to dance to or just sing along to. Upon listening to the song a couple of times I knew that it was worth posting given Zack’s appreciation for this genre of music. Check out the awesome commercial above and the entire song below.

MP3: Frankie Valli – “Beggin’ (Pilooski Edit)”


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  1. thanks for the track!

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