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It’s hard not to instantly fall in love with Matt & Kim. The indie rock duo has churned out some of most accessible, catchiest tunes I’ve heard in a while. Although they stick to a pretty simple formula when it comes to songwriting, you can tell through the two’s usual combination infectious synth lines, steady drumming, and sing-a-long choruses that they’re all about having a good time. And this positive attitude shows in everything they do. Chances are they’ll be smiling from ear to ear in regardless of the project — whether they’re being pelted with food in their video for “Yea Yeah” or getting their limbs severed off in another for “5k”

Late last year, the duo dropped the track “Daylight,” the first single off of their sophomore effort, Grand. The song’s bright keys section and lovable chorus were a interesting departure from the heavy synth usage on the band’s first album, and made the single one of the more brighter, adorable singles of 2008. Well Grand was released earlier this week, and although “Daylight” is the only track of its kind on it, the album is packed with plenty of songs that were made for a house party, but also some that demonstrate a good deal of maturity and departure from the simplicity of Matt & Kim’s earlier work. Harmonizing vocals, atmospheric synth lines, and even strings give Grand a more seasoned feel that separates it from the duo’s self-titled debut (listen: “Cutdown,” “Lessons Learned”). But fear not — Grand releases an onslaught of handclaps, snaps, and power synth that will please fans that were with the band from the beginning. Make sure to listen to “Good Ol’ Fashion Nightmare” — the handclap-floor tom combo in this song is EPIC.

Make sure to check out ATG/Music Blog alums Flosstradamus’ remix of “Yea Yeah.” As Zack already mentioned, the remix is nothing more than a pseudo-mashup of the Matt & Kim single with Basement Jaxx’s “Where’s Your Head At,” but it’s still plenty of fun to listen to.

MP3: Matt and Kim – Good Ol’ Fashion Nightmare

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