It Feels so Unnatural, Peter Gabriel too

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No description necessary here. I’m in such a massive food coma from the past two and a half days that I cannot fathom a serious write-up. I can, however post the much-discussed cover of Vampire Weekend’s “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa” by none other than Peter Gabriel, with the assistance of Hot Chip. While I’m not in love with the new instrumentation, the Gabriel vocals are wonderful, and obviously fit perfectly for a VW song. For those VW enthusiasts like myself who’ve been waiting for something “new” related to the boys from Columbia, Merry Christmas.

MP3: Hot Chip & Peter Gabriel – “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa” (Vampire Weekend Cover)”

By the way, I’m fully aware that this is one of the worst posts I may have ever written here. I don’t really care today.



5 Responses to It Feels so Unnatural, Peter Gabriel too

  1. Kaylynn says:


    Merry Christmas

  2. Greg says:

    No, actually, this was awesome. Happy ’09.

  3. Speener says:

    Thank you very much – so hard to find this song (which I would have paid for if I could have – when will they learn?)

  4. allberts says:

    i actually dig this better than the VW version.. the Gabriel vocals are outstanding

  5. adi says:

    he looks like a midget in that pic.
    not all of VW’s lyrics make sense and it makes less sense that peter gabriel is doing it but maybe that is the craziness of the world and i should accept it.

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