A.C. Newman Gets Guilty, Is the (Second) Coolest Redhead Ever


As if it were even possible, Carl Newman (of The New Pornographers fame for those of you living under a rock) has found a way to top his first solo effort, 2004’s The Slow Wonder. With the same whimsical lyrics and reinventive melodies, the creative indie-king from our neighbor’s to the north, has created what I am already seriously considering the album of next year (which is a bit premature I kn0w). All I can really do is implore….nay, BEG, that you do yourself a favor and listen to “Like a Hitman, Like a Dancer” and “Prophets”. Then, maybe, you will understand the genius that is A.C. Newman, and you will be first in line to grab a copy of Get Guilty, which drops on 1/20/09 on Matador. Until then, enjoy these two tracks and don’t say I didn’t get you all something for Christmas.

MP3: A.C. Newman – “Like a Hitman, Like a Dancer”
MP3: A.C. Newman – “Prophets”

By the way, he’s only the second coolest after Claire’s sister, Tessa, who just so happens to be the coolest 14 year old on the planet.


3 Responses to A.C. Newman Gets Guilty, Is the (Second) Coolest Redhead Ever

  1. Dave Bloom says:

    He might be the fourth best behind me, Louis C.K. and Shaun White.

    Happy H-days


  2. rock n' roll never changes says:

    zack, zack, zack, zack. love the post man, LOVE IT. but how can you leave out “submarines in stockholm” as one of the best tracks on this cd! that song is awesome! ac newman rox! but seriously my main man zack, this is one of those cds that doesnt roll around very often, one that gives you quality track after quality track. keep up the good work with your unbelievable ear for music that matters. i love your ear.

  3. slider says:

    Everything I’ve heard from Get Guilty is first rate Newman and challenges his finest. I’m counting down to January 20. Is prophets about Sex Clark Five?

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