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Hi Everyone,

It’s been a little while but I’m back in D.C. and done with finals, very happy to be home. With the Redskins season slowly going down the drain and some dreary weather, the beginning of my break has been a little frustrating however a bright spot emerged when Zack introduced me to Little Joy, Fabrizio Moretti’s new side project. As I have mentioned previously I am a huge Strokes fan and while I am anxiously anticipating a fourth album, Albert Hammond Jr. and now Fab Moretti have provided a temporary solution for my much needed Strokes fix.

Little Joy has the unfinished charm of the Strokes with a more old school sound. Lead singer Rodrigo Amarante’s voice is coincidentally (or not?) very similar to Julian Casablancas’ and Fab’s drumming works perfectly in the 60’s style format. While similarities to the Strokes are inevitable, Little Joy’s sound is much more mellow and, unlike the Strokes, is accompanied by a female vocalist, Binki Shapiro. My two favorite songs thus far are “Keep Me in Mind” and “Brand New Start.” While the music is not life changing, it is certainly catchy, easy to listen to, and for right now eases my pain as I wait for the new Strokes album.

MP3: Little Joy – “Keep Me in Mind”
MP3: Little Joy – “Brand New Start”

Happy Holidays,


5 Responses to Claire’s Column: Little Joy

  1. daddyo says:

    Not as catchy as any song on Circus. Sara is ready to toss it out of the car, Aloha & happy to be reading your posts.

  2. lucil jr says:

    Rodrigo Amarante’s band, Los Hermanos, is one of the best brazillian bands ever!

  3. Antoine says:

    Hi Claire,
    It’s great, I love it. Thanks for this one!

  4. Arthur says:


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