The EPIC Return of Nick Miller’s Song of the Week


Guess who’s back ladies and gents. That’s right, the man who brought you breathtaking covers of “Umbrella” and “Masterfade“, as well as originals such as “Chemicals and Cowboy Boots” and “Don’t Dance (Two Left Feet)“, Nick Miller is back at it again. I’ll let him describe his newest stuff in his own words:

Howdy ATG readers. Its been too long…but I’ve been busy! I’m taking time off from school, just workin’ and makin’ musics. My co-worker Sean at my “evil corporate job” (which I won’t specify…we’ll call it Barstucks) told me he attended Berklee school of music for electronic music production. I told him I’d love his help recording some material. Over the course of a few spread out sessions we recorded five of my original acoustic songs, and coincidentally (really!) my cover of a Zack fave “Bring it on Home” by Sam Cooke. The original songs were basically born out of all the change (woo Obama!) in location I’ve had. I moved from the Univ. of Wisconsin to Columbia College Chicago then back home to Milwaukee and finally back again to Chicago…you might say I’ve been restless. But I’m nice and settled now. Anywho, Sean liked the raw performance of the songs and didn’t want me playing to a click track to keep me on rhythm and not doing any overdubs, just guitar and vocals together. As a result, the songs are not without their flaws but I think they might be better for it. I am extremely thankful to Sean for all his help. Right now my main goals are to get people to check out the demo and land more local gigs. Check out my myspace to pick up the other three songs not posted below. Oh and Zack wanted my favorite Milwaukee Bucks player…thats low. How about Luc Richard Mbah a Moute…on his name alone. See you soon people.

I hope you’re half as excited as I am about the prospect of new Nick Miller. I’ve listened to all of the tracks multiple times, and am blown away by Nick’s progression and refinement. Not only is the Sam Cooke cover lovely, but his original, “Somewhere Else”, could be blowing up the blogosphere right now with the right marketing. Consider this post step one of “Operation: Make Nick Miller a Star”. Just remember you heard him here first. I love credit and recognition. Seriously though, I recommend these two tracks more than anything I’ve posted in the past 3 months. LISTEN!

MP3: Nick Miller – “Bring it on Home (Sam Cooke Cover)”
MP3: Nick Miller – “Somewhere Else”




7 Responses to The EPIC Return of Nick Miller’s Song of the Week

  1. Pete says:

    Great stuff! But the mp3s on the old posts don’t work anymore. I really want to hear “Umbrella” and “Masterfade.” Can you fix those?

  2. Linds says:

    “I settle but I never settle in.”

    was hooked.

  3. Zack says:

    i like “i can give, but ill never give a damn”

  4. nm says:

    If anyone wants any old songs featured on ATG they should message me on

  5. steven john says:

    this is so bullshit what the fuck is next mixtape mondays with tim makes a comeback?
    get bent

  6. Nicky says:

    yo i asked a long time ago for nick miller to write a song about me, which i told was going to happen. but alas, i have seen no such song. would still love one, or has nick gotten too big to do small requests from an original and dedicated true fan

  7. Randy says:

    His voice is so nasaly, good song though.

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