Live @ Looney Tunes: Kevin Devine, Jesse Lacey, and Andy Hull


I’ve been on a recent Kevin Devine/Brand New/Manchester Orchestra listening binge, so I journeyed through the internets in search of something new to satisfy my craving for anything new by the guys.  What I found wasn’t necessarily new, but still pretty interesting.  In late April of this year, Kevin Devine, Jesse Lacey (Brand New), and Andy Hull (Manchester Orchestra) got together and performed at Looney Tunes up in New York for an in-store set.  They played some cool variations of songs usually performed by their respective bands and incorporated their own vocal stylings into each other’s work very nicely.  The harmonies they sing in their adaptation of Manchester Orchestra’s “Where Have You Been”, albeit a tad scratchy given the nature of the recording, are absolutely fantastic.  The guitar line for Brand New’s “Jesus” gives a very different feel for the song, one that’s far more suited for a an acoustic performance.  And pretty much every song by Kevin Devine is stellar since he’s always been a fantastic solo performer.  Together, these guys are fantastic and know just how to work off of each others’ material.  If you’re a fan of any of these bands

Again, the quality of these recordings isn’t perfect, but these songs are definitely worth listening to.  My thanks to whoever recorded these.

MP3: Brand New – Jesus (Live @ Looney Tunes)
MP3: Manchester Orchestra – Where Have You Been (Live @ Looney Tunes)

And because I just can’t get enough of this song…

MP3: Kevin Devine – Me and My Friends



3 Responses to Live @ Looney Tunes: Kevin Devine, Jesse Lacey, and Andy Hull

  1. T.J. says:

    Great find. Saw the three and their bands in Milwaukee. I was floored by Manchester Orchestra, and Brand New played about a two hour set, playing all of Deja Entendu, about half of The Devil and God… and three off of (the album I despise) Your Favorite Weapon. Never really got into K.D. tho.

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