Happy Thanksgiving from All Things Go


Happy Thanksgiving, my favorite day of the year. No religious BS, no commercialism, no creepy bunnies. No, just pure, unadulterated feasting. Whether you eat turkey, turducken, or tofurkey (LOSER), we here at All Things Go all wish you a happy holiday with your family, and let us all give thanks for everything we’ve been blessed with.

MP3: Kanye West – “Family Business”
MP3: The National – “Mr. November”
MP3: The Shins – “Young Pilgrims”

Zack, Adrian, and Claire

2 Responses to Happy Thanksgiving from All Things Go

  1. Hanan says:

    tofurky rocks.

  2. nate dogg says:

    the kanye track is ok.
    just heard this cover of Good Life
    that blows my mind.
    by brooklyn band Nite Club

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