Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground

Multiple side projects have spawned from what can only be assumed to be the now-defunct Gatsby’s American Dream.  One of my favorites of these is Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground, featuring Kirk Huffman as vocalist and guitarist, Kyle O’Quin on keyboards, and Phil Peterson on cello.  Kay Kay’s sound varies drastically with that of other Gatsby side projects that haven’t erred too far from the traditional pop-rock formula, so much that it’s very difficult to fit these guys into a given genre.  Kay Kay draws from multiple music styles of the past.  At times, they sound like they’re emulating the Beatles.  At others, they revisit the funky, psychedelic tunes of the sixties.  Sometimes they even throw in some old-timey saloon-like piano lines that hark back to sounds of generations past.  Kay Kay is a refreshing listen; the band successfully blends together distinctly different musical genres, and manages to breathe new life into a music scene that has often been criticized for lacking originality.  As much as I miss Gatsby’s, Huffman and company have released some solid tunes that I hope Gatsby fans will learn to embrace.

MP3: Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground – “Hey Momma”

MP3: Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground – “Bowie The Desert Pea”

– Adrian

2 Responses to Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground

  1. Linds says:

    uuuuum.. this rocks. I love it. And the writing is not half bad either.

  2. cj says:

    props for bloggin kay kay. such a great band.

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