Claire’s Column: Puppies and Such


Initially when I sat down to write this post, I was unsure of what to write. The election is over and the Redskins have a bye week, my two favorite topics are somewhat irrelevant. As I tried to think of what I could write about I realized that I have yet to come up with a real format for my “weekly” posts. So naturally instead of coming up with something relevant and interesting to write about, I decided to write about the weather.

It has been rainy here in Connecticut the past few days and despite the wonderful election results, I have been in a pretty bad mood. Well…that was until I came across quite possibly the most brilliant website of all time. Whenever I feel sad, lonely or stressed, I just click this link and I am okay. You’re welcome. (Ed Note: I have been watching that live puppy feed for literally 28 hours straight. They’re Shiba Inus, and they’re my new life).

Why do puppies have the power to lift my mood, you might ask? Well, they are softer, cuter and more interactive than any other living creatures. Their cries aren’t annoying or loud, rather they’re endearing and comforting. Their idiosyncrasies are more than entertaining, they are educational. We can all learn from their simple outlook on life. They spend their days sleeping, cuddling and play fighting on constant minutely rotations. One minute they’re climbing on top of one another and the next they’re sleeping. Watching puppies learn and grow by the minute is not only fulfilling but allows me to truly understand why God put us on this earth…to watch puppies.

When I do not have puppies to watch, I ease my rainy day mood with music. Recently I came across a song that does the job perfectly. Empire of the Sun’s “Walking on a Dream” has been getting a lot of circulation recently and for good reason. It reminds me of a combination of MGMT and The Strokes. Zack prefers the Van She remix while I prefer the original but if you haven’t already, both are worth downloading.

MP3: Empire of the Sun – “Walking on a Dream”

Alright, I have to get back to watching puppies and writing about Chinese economic progress. Until next week,

3 Responses to Claire’s Column: Puppies and Such

  1. Punk says:

    I completely agree with your view on puppies and how God’s main point of putting us on earth is to watch puppies. Keep up the good work!

    P.S. Good song – can’t stop listening to it.

  2. daddyo says:

    I think i’m just as soft and cute. Miss you every day. Don’t tell Zack. Nick

  3. Aleyah says:

    they are so cute I want them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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