Copeland – You Are My Sunshine

I can’t say I’ve been a steadfast fan of Copeland.  Other than their single “Pin Your Wings Down,” I’ve listened to the majority of their material halfheartedly.  Their emo-friendly brand of indie rock is good, but in the past hasn’t been enough to keep me truly interested.  However, their latest release, You Are My Sunshine, has for some reason got me hooked.  One aspect of their music which I have always loved and is, as expected, very prominent in this release is frontman Aaron Marsh’s sirenic voice.  Whether singing on a poppy single or a slower piano ballad, Marsh’s beautiful voice lifts you off your feet.  I, for one, would not mind having him sing me to sleep every night.

But it’s not only Marsh’s voice that does it.  Although it could be somewhat easy to generalize and confine Copeland’s brand of music, the band breaks out of that piano-rock mold and provides listeners with an experience that although sticking to a general sound, is still packed with variety.  Take “Good Morning Fire Eater” — the song starts out with just Marsh singing over a simple guitar line, but then kicks in with a marching drum beat and is topped off with a neat, fuzzy guitar riff.  By far my favorite song on the album, it makes for a perfect soundtrack when walking to class in the morning.  The album’s other single, “The Grey Man,” falls into more traditional Copeland territory but it still spectacular.  The track’s combination of piano, ringing guitars, and another marching drumbeat reminds me of why this band has captured the hearts of many (and why I’ve been an idiot not to pay more attention to them).  For the most part, the album maintains an uplifting tone without necessarily getting too upbeat or lighthearted.  As the album title implies, the songs off of You Are My Sunshine would be best played atop a hill during a beautiful sunrise.  If this little review has got you at all interested, then definitely check You Are My Sunshine out — it’s not the kind of album that’s easy to dislike.

MP3: Copeland – Good Morning Fire Eater

MP3: Copeland – The Grey Man

– Adrian

One Response to Copeland – You Are My Sunshine

  1. Mak says:

    I agree, one of my favorite parts of Copeland is Aaron’s voice. In genera, I wish that people wouldn’t just write them off so quickly as piano-pop or something because they really do bring so much more to the plate then your run-of-the-mill paino-emo band. Thank you for the flattering review on this album, it really is magic.

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