Love You Moon

Work has left me unbelievably tired, so this post will be short.  As a huge fan of the Rx Bandits, I feel compelled to post anything and everything related to them on this website.  The latest to come from the RxB camp is Love You Moon, the solo project of Rx Bandits’ vocalist/guitarist Matt Embree.  If you’ve ever been to a RxB show, you know that Embree, along with everybody else in the band, is a very accomplished musician  who possesses fantastic improvisational abilities and can shred like none other.  Love You Moon showcases another side of the accomplished musician.  His debut full-length, Waxwane, stays away from the rock and reggae sounds more typical of RxB.  Instead, Embree presents the listener with songs that span a wide spectrum of sounds.  The album’s single “David’s Birthday” is a bouncy, piano-based tune with an insanely catchy chorus.  “Late May’s Gaze” is a smooth, soothing acoustic song in which Embree and an unknown female play their voices off each other beautifully.  I could go on to describe each song individually, but it’s more worthwhile for you to go check out the Love You Moon MySpace and get a taste of what Embree’s been up to as of late.

Here’s the video for “David’s Birthday”…

Chances are you won’t find Waxwane in your neighborhood unless you happen to live by one the few indie stores that it’s exclusively sold in.  But you can purchase Love You Moon’s debut album on iTunes.  Get it.

– Adrian

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