Claire’s Weekly Column: More Politics and Redskins

UPDATE: Redskins 14, Browns 11. 5-2. In other news: the Cowboys got hornswaggled. Awwwwwwwwhhhh yeah. – Zack

As always a lot has been going on this week. First off, today, Zack’s brother helped organize the 100,000 person Obama rally in St. Louis. That’s the largest crowd for a presidential candidate ever. Then, the final debate occurred and as much as I’ve enjoyed watching them, I am glad they’re over. I’m ready for the election and tired of the back and forth. I am growing increasingly sickened by Sarah Palin’s speeches and the negativity that is dominating the tone of the campaigns. For this reason I particularly enjoyed video clips I saw from a dinner both McCain and Obama attended two nights ago. Both candidates made light of things, making fun of themselves and actually appeared to like one another. As someone who watches the news all day (I don’t know why I do) it was refreshing amidst the various clips of Sarah Palin. Check out the clip here.

In other news, the Redskins suffered a despicable loss this past weekend to a team that shall remain unnamed, it’s just too embarrassing. I was at the game and the only part I enjoyed (aside from being there with Zack) was the drunk guy behind us who spent the entire game trying to start the wave…sadly, he was unsuccessful.

Lastly, I was thrilled to come across a new Vampire Weekend song from the soundtrack to “Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist.” I haven’t seen the movie but the song is pretty good. It’s an ideal song to add to a fall themed playlist and I plan on listening to it on repeat on my bus ride to New York City this afternoon. On that note I will post a few other songs I’ll be listening to. Enjoy.

MP3: Vampire Weekend – “Ottoman”
MP3: Interpol – “Untitled”
MP3: Camera Obscura – “Hey Lloyd I’m Ready to Be Heartbroken”
MP3: Sondre Lerche – “To Be Surprised”

Go Skins,


5 Responses to Claire’s Weekly Column: More Politics and Redskins

  1. Great list ….

    Camera Obscura’s “Hey Lloyd I’m Ready to Be Heartbroken” was one of the first tings I came across when I sorted out the whole MP3 blog thing … I wass hooked after that

    I am going to see Llyode Cole on the 14th can’t wait ………

    happy day

  2. daddyo says:

    Glad to see this guest writer. Go skins indeed.

  3. steven john says:

    i miss mixtape mondays with tim

  4. Linds says:

    I think “ottoman” was floating around prior to this under the title “Walcott (Insane Remix) but I also discovered through the Nick and Norah Soundtrack. Go see the movie! It’s totally cute.

  5. yoyoyo says:

    watchu tryna say steven john? mixtape mondays with tim were good, but claire’s weekly column is just as good.

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