Minus the Bear – Guns & Ammo

I have to admit, I’m slightly bummed that Minus the Bear’s upcoming EP, Acoustics, will consist mostly of acoustic reworkings of previously-released songs.  However, they did a great job of picking which songs to redo, and also threw a new song into the mix to keep fans pleased.  Like the rest of the EP, “Guns & Ammo” is a primarily-acoustic song.  As always, Jake Snider and Dave Knudson play fantastically off of each other’s unique guitarwork, even in the absence of sampling and effect pedals.  Erin Tate, who’s drumming has gotten exponentially better with every MTB release, provides some solid rhythm that nicely complements the EP’s acoustic theme, while Alex Rose lays down a soothing keyboard line that sounds much more traditional in comparison to his usual work with the band.  “Guns & Ammo” is a fantastic track that shows off a side of Minus the Bear that fans haven’t been able to see much (with the exception of their Daytrotter session which was released earlier this year).  Judging off of this, and the rest of the EP’s track-listing, it seems like Acoustics is a must have for any fan of the band.

MP3: Minus the Bear – Guns & Ammo

Also, make sure to catch the band on tour.  It seems to me like they’re really stepping it up this time around. At least here in D.C., Minus the Bear is playing at the 9:30 Club for the first time, which is a substantially larger venue than the usually-frequented Black Cat.  Check out the band’s official website for tour dates.

– Adrian

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  1. T.J. says:

    They played Club 770 which was way too small a venue for them in Madison. They probably exceeded the limit leading the place to be insanely overcrowded (it’s only supposed to hold about 500 people. it’s literally a lunchroom for UW students by day), which probably sparked the fight that Jake and Cory broke up themselves because there was no security.

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