New WPAHP Remix – Daft Punk

We Plants are Happy Plants, a.k.a. Budapest-based DJ Peter Bergmann, just released an awesome remix of Daft Punk’s “Human After All”. Keeping in line with the repetitive and monotonous nature of the original, WPAHP loops the synth-heavy “human..human..human..after all” until you just about cannot take it anymore, then the pressure releases and the warmth of the bass covers you. That sounds vaguely sexual. Regardless, check out “Human”, as well as their remix of “Viva La Vida”, which I posted a while back. While we’re at it, why don’t you just grab yourself a copy of Bergmann’s other Daft Punk redo, “Superheroes”. Really though, can you ever have enough Daft Punk in your life?

I am at work right now so I have to use zshare. My bad.

MP3: Daft Punk – “Human (WPAHP Remix)”
MP3: Daft Punk – “Superheroes (WPAHP Remix)”


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