Hail to the Redskins.

What a glorious day to be a Redskins fan (and not such a good weekend to be a Wisconsin fan…). Now I know that some readers may be vexed to find that my sports allegiances are again spilling over into this medium, usually reserved for musical musings, but my excitement and exhilaration cannot be contained. Let’s summarize, shall we? The Dallas Cowboys (the trendy Super Bowl pick by bandwagon analysts) were 11.5 point favorites, picked unanimously to beat my Redskins IN DALLAS, in the last game at Texas Stadium between the two bitter rivals. To top it off, Wade Phillips (the Cowboys rather rotund play-caller), famously said “no one runs on the Dallas Cowboys.”

Now lets discuss what actually happened. The Redskins dominated every facet of the game, had possession of the ball for almost 40 minutes, Jason Campbell continued his absolutely flawless quarterback play, and T.O. and Tony Romo(sexual) left Texas Stadium with their heads down, embarrassed by none other than my WASHINGTON REDSKINS, 26-24 (the score only looks close but the game wasn’t). Oh, and about that Wade Phillips comment: Clinton “Southeast Jerome” Portis picked up 122 rushing yards. Suck on that one Phillips.

MP3: Chris Paul – “I Hate Dallas”
MP3: Chris Paul – “Sucka Cowboys”

Both songs masterfully crafted by WPGC 93.9’s Chris Paul, the most lyrically inclined Redskins Fan. Via Hog Blog.

Jim Zorn + Jason Campbell + ‘Tana + Portis + the D = Washington as the happiest city in the US today.



2 Responses to Hail to the Redskins.

  1. chrisrowe says:

    i literally shed a few tears when they won. I was like: they can just keep kneeling right? we’re actually gonna beat the cowboys?

    c’mon. do it for seantay baby

  2. jan fox says:

    A huge Skins fan from our church died of cancer last week. Our little garage band needs sheet music so we can play Hail! to the REdskins as folks leave the church.
    I tried several music sites.. no avail?
    if you have it, can you email or fax it? i’ll pay.

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