Introducing: Claire’s Weekly (?) Column

Hi, I’m Claire (Zack’s girlfriend). When Zack asked me to write a little for his beloved website I was a undoubtedly nervous. While I am mentioned every now and then here, I have never made a contribution. As I sat through a very boring French class this afternoon contemplating whether to follow through and actually write something, a few questions spun around in my head. What could I possibly write about? Who actually cares what I have to say? What if there’s a mean comment? What if there are no comments? I tend to over-think things. I’m copping out this week, reveling in the fact that this is an introductory post and therefore all I have to do is say a little bit about myself. I am sophomore at Connecticut College. I am from Washington D.C. I enjoy cereal, Andy Roddick, Zack, and the Redskins (ed. note: I wouldn’t date her if she didn’t). I like a wide variety of music and my favorite band/song is constantly changing, however I am loyal to The Strokes and Vampire Weekend (cliché I know). The best concert I’ve ever been to was Daft Punk in Brooklyn followed closely by the Spice Girls in 3rd grade (I’m not really sure if I’m kidding or not).

I’m still trying to develop an idea about the form this weekly (possibly?) post will take. Right now I’m leaning towards current events/politics/pop culture but for now I thought I would simply provide you with a list of some of my favorite songs. I am going to do my best to choose songs Zack hasn’t posted on the site (which is difficult considering I get a majority of my music from here). So here they are:

MP3: Built to Spill – “Else”
MP3: The Strokes – “Soma”
MP3: Goldspot – “It’s Getting Old”
MP3: Wilco – “Handshake Drugs”
MP3: Sam Prekop – “C+F” [zshare]



22 Responses to Introducing: Claire’s Weekly (?) Column

  1. Dean Learner says:

    your a fool, a fool, a flippin’ fool, a fool!

  2. LMJ what can i say says:

    mercy mercy mercy! what a wonderous selection of songs! (if i remember correctly you can thank this guy for “else”) “handshake drugs” makes me miss MVY! i miss baxter too! but most of all i miss zack friendly!

  3. LMJ what can i say says:

    also, i know wonderous is not a real word its a mixture of wonderful and mysterious. in all honesty, im tired and i cant delete that post, i really did think wonderous was a real word when i wrote that but hey i was up til 4 last night writing a paper. college rox!

  4. Hanan says:

    “I am loyal to The Strokes”. good job, me too =) they’re my favourite band.
    nice selection of songs here

  5. Peanut says:

    I think Vampire Weekend are really good. Looking forwards to your other suggestions! 🙂

    At a post a week, you might out-post your boyfriend right now! 😀

    Peanut – UK

  6. Everett says:

    hi claire!

  7. boob says:

    Claire is by far the coolest and most hilarious (no, clairious) people I know. I have no doubt her posts will change your life.

  8. ABC says:

    I am delighted with your first post, the honesty about the Spice girls was particularly moving. You are the world’s most wonderous (sic) person!

  9. Zack says:

    Claire how much did you pay your mom and brother to comment on your post? 10 bucks?

  10. claire bear says:

    i don’t know what you’re talking about.

  11. erik says:

    HOORAY! nice to hear from someone other than that Zach asshole (kidding). keep up the good wokr and hope to hear from you next week on how Zach managed to somehow screw up your relationship and how you want to get with a Hero (me) for once! ha.

  12. Punkerpoo says:

    PHENOMENAL JOB CLAIRE! I’m so proud but a little offended that none of the songs I suggested were put up. Hopefully they will be soon, or else….LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROFL!!!!!!

  13. Honey says:


    I thought this post was almost as good as a large pile of napkins, napkins, napkins, napkins, napkins…..what? where am i? NAPKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    love yo numba one homegurl,
    Honey (;

  14. ..... says:

    I agree with Peanut! (Oh, Peanut…)

  15. cougarmicrobes says:

    welcome onboard and thanks for the cool song selection. Look forward to more 😀

  16. chrisrowe says:

    a fine addition indeed

  17. yr ant says:

    hmmmmmm…….that Sam Prekop song threw me to a porno site. thanx???

  18. Glasgow Dave says:

    Usually a guy gets his bird to do the washing-up or iron his clothes…..but getting her to write his blog for him is just brilliant work on his part….. all stand and give a round of applause for that lad! 🙂

    Really enjoyed it though, keep up the good work but don’t let the blogging come at the expense of the ‘woman’s work’!!! 🙂 🙂

  19. MrPuding says:

    Comment un cours de français peut-il être ennuyeux?
    très belle sélection de chansons

  20. jew says:

    yayyy claireee. gooooo clairee!

  21. JonnyB says:

    i noticed a few typos claire – what are you typing with your toes? polish it up next time.

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