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Welcome back. I could pretend like I haven’t posted in weeks because of some sort of rennovations or updates or something along those lines, but I’d be lying. In reality, 10 hour work days with five year olds leaves me with absolutely no desire to take the time out of my day to put something together here. Those of you who still read this site, however, will be excited to hear that my job finishes up Friday, and that regular posting should begin about a week after that (I gotta have my vacation). Other good news: I will be taking next semester off of the University of Wisconsin to work an internship here in Chocolate City. I will be updating at a feverish pace, and hoping to take the next step with ATG by truly legitimizing and streamlining this here establishment. Now let’s get on to some music, shall we?

First up is a song from Rogue Wave’s 2007 gem Asleep at Heaven’s Gate, titled “Like I Needed”. I would like to think that I am a good enough writer not to make a terrible joke along the lines of “Rogue Wave must have realized that a new song from them was just like I needed” but…. Rogue Wave created a song, like, I needed. I fell in love with them during my cross-country flight to their stomping grounds (the Bay Area) back in March, and have been completely hooked since. The band has an absurdly bright future, what with their ability to please both the toughest indie critics and mainstream America (see: “Lake Michigan” in the Zune ad).

MP3: Rogue Wave – “Like I Needed”

Now onto some music that is thoroughly different. I stumbled upon an interesting remix of Digitalism’s “Pogo” courtesy of Shinichi Osawa, the mastermind behind the UNBELIEVABLE remix of The Chemical Brothers’ “Star Guitar”. The result is a sexed-up, guitar and bass driven retake that gets the blood pumping. In short, the remix might be a bit more accessible, and even more danceable.

MP3: Digitalism – “Pogo (Shinichi Osawa Remix)”

I’m a little behind the curve on these two, but better late than never.


2 Responses to What Up World.

  1. Curtis says:

    Welcome back + great find w/ Rogue Wave

  2. Jeff says:

    Can’t wait for the official return of Zack / Thank you muchly.

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