And on the Seventh Day, Justice Remixed MGMT, and it was Glorious

Just listen to Justice’s take on MGMT’s “Electric Feel”, off of the 7″ single, and bask in the wonder that is Justice. Seriously, I wont even bother with a write-up. Listen.

MP3: MGMT – “Electric Feel (Justice Remix)”


PS: Sorry about the lack of posting. I just started my summer job and have been working 10 hour days, with no energy or time to listen to jams. I did, however, get my campers to listen to Bob Sinclar and Rune’s “Calabria”, which is pretty awesome.


6 Responses to And on the Seventh Day, Justice Remixed MGMT, and it was Glorious

  1. travaris says:


  2. Alex says:

    Great jam. Thanks for posting.

  3. daddyo says:

    new posting?

  4. FiL says:

    Junior year at Georgetown, eh? That’s my alma mater. I spent many, many hours spinning wheels of steel at WGTB, when it was broadcasting from the dark bowels of Copley basement via carrier current (range: just about to New South) on 690 AM.

    Sorry, floated off on a nostalgia tip there. Looking forward to plundering and perusing your fine blog!

  5. nopostagerequired says:

    saw MGMT at the 9:30 club – amazing.
    thanks for posting. took a couple of listens for this to warm up to me. i still much prefer the original, but you are right, Justice has created something glorious here.

  6. joshlos says:

    I only just discovered this song. Late, yes, but I got it stuck on repeat.

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