New Ratatat – Shiller 7″

What gets me even more excited than Kate Nash covers? The answer is simple: Ratatat. I will absolutely adore everything that these guys throw together, and “Shiller” is no exception. The song builds in a really eerie manner, then just bursts all over the place in typical Ratatat form. Also, am I the only one who thinks this new song (which i believe will be on their newest, LP3), sounds unmistakably similar to the X-Files theme? Thoughts?

MP3: Ratatat – “Shiller” [zshare]

LP3 cannot come soon enough.



2 Responses to New Ratatat – Shiller 7″

  1. chrisrowe says:

    right at 0:22 it has that same creepy synth sound, crazy

  2. David Swan says:

    Great song, great artist.. looking forward to LP3, definitely!!

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