More Immuzikation Mash-Up Goodness

If you’re not a regular here and missed out on the “Spotlight On” mash-up maestro Immuzikation, get on it. If you did, then you will most definitely enjoy these new songs. Dude has the Midas touch, every mash-up he puts together is pure gold, and the latest batch is no exception. First up is his genius blend of sextronaqueen (sex + electronica + queen) Peaches’ “Fuck the Pain Away” along with The Presidents of the United States’ “Peaches”, which is a bit odd, yet still works. The second mash-up features the instrumentals from Biz Markie’s classic “Just a Friend”, matched up with vocals from Shirley Ellis’ throwback jumprope theme “The Clapping Song”. The result, “Just a Friend with the Clap”, is, dare I say, catchier than both songs alone. Also, check out the video Alfredo (aka Immuzikation) made for his best mashup “One More Time to Pretend”. Granted, the editing skills are lacking, but you get the picture.

MP3: Immuzikation – “Fuck the PUSA (Peaches vs. Presidents of the USA)”
MP3: Immuzikation – “Just a Friend with the Clap (Biz Markie vs. Shirley Ellis)”


2 Responses to More Immuzikation Mash-Up Goodness

  1. Justin says:

    what a wonderful movie. i thought it was great. and the song has been played many a time a day lately. mmm good.

  2. Bronwyn says:

    At the risk of getting my ass kicked, Cupid also used Shirley’s song in “369.” I kinda liked it. Running now.

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