Beautiful Spring Day

It’s a beautiful spring day here in Madison, Wisconsin. Now most other blogs that throw together the obligatory first day of spring post did so about three weeks ago, but they don’t live in Wisconsin, where it (no joke) snowed less than a week ago. Yeah, we’ve had the occasional 70 degree day, but they’re interspersed between 30 and 40 degree ones. Today, however, I declare that spring has arrived in Madison, and is here to stay. So here is what I am listening to to celebrate this glorious occasion.

First up is “Part of the Sky” by Adam Arcuragi, who I first discovered through former ATG writer/butt buddy Austin. The song sounds like a cross between Andrew Bird, Sam Beam, and any other singer/songwriter with an acoustic guitar. Something about its simplicity really strikes a chord with me, and I’ve been hooked since the first listen.

MP3: Adam Arcuragi – “Part of the Sky”

I only very recently saw The Darjeeling Limited for the first time, upon the request of my insistant girlfriend, and while the movie didn’t blow me away, the soundtrack definitely did. Not surprising, of course, as it is a Wes Anderson movie. I instantly snagged the soundtrack, and have been blasting “This Time Tomorrow” by The Kinks constantly.

MP3: The Kinks – “This Time Tomorrow”

Finally, I’ve been enjoying a unique remix of Daft Punks “Digital Love”, featuring appearances by Alphabeat, Leon Jean-Marie, and ATG-favorite FrankMusik. The vocoder vocals have been replaced with real people, and the beat is even more upbeat and warm than the original, if that’s even possible. I think it’s literally impossible not to enjoy Daft Punk, so enjoy this.

MP3: Daft Punk – “Digital Love (Remix ft. FrankMusik, Alphabeat, & Leon Jean-Marie)”

If you’ve been relaxing in the warm spring weather for a while, then fuck you. If you’re like me and spring is a novel (and welcomed) concept then put some shorts on, pour yourself a mojito, put these songs (along with anything by Vampire Weekend) on a playlist and go outside.


4 Responses to Beautiful Spring Day

  1. Leslie says:

    *waving from Milwaukee* So glad it FINALLY feels like spring (here, too!) Thanks for the celebratory tunes!!

  2. Josh says:

    Yay! It’s spring in Spokane, WA finally too! I feel you with the snow happening a week ago. Seriously, it’s May. No more snow!

    PS The Kinks, song gets cut off before the end, and it makes me sad.

  3. roflmao says:

    MOJITOS MO PROBLEMS!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. NvW... says:

    very different dp remix, but cool, got a couple of unofficial remixes also, over at:

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