Slow Runner Has a New Album??!?!

Slow Runner - Mermaids

What? When did this happen? How could I miss the release from a band that I told everyone not to miss out on way back when? Seriously, Mermaids (their third LP) dropped April 1st? That’s like, 27 days ago. Oh well.

Mermaids definitely harkens back to the sound I fell in love with on their debut, No Disassemble. Soft, sweet, and harmless tracks are littered across the new album, with painful love ballads tossed in for good measure. “Vocals” is the magic word for Mermaids, which is great for listeners since singer/songwriter Michael Flynn has perfected the strained voice, turning songs with simple percussion and a slow guitar line into complex, intricate love songs. Highlights include “The Stakes Were Raised”, which features the best instrumentation on the album, and “Trying to Put Your Heart Back Together”, which holds its own against the likes of Neko Case in the growing alt-country genre.

Note the zshare, since our server is down for a hot second.

MP3: Slow Runner – “Trying to Put Your Heart Back Together”
MP3: Slow Runner – “The Stakes Were Raised”

Now listen to one of my favorite tracks from 2005’s No Disassemble and tell me you wish you hadn’t slept on these guys.

MP3: Slow Runner – “Everything is Exactly What it Seems”


3 Responses to Slow Runner Has a New Album??!?!

  1. Josh says:

    Didn’t they just release Shiv! at the end of 2007? That’s awesome, can’t wait to check out their second album in 5 months haha. Hopefully this album is a lot more like No Disassemble than Shiv! though.

  2. barely sober bear says:

    beary good

  3. Jeff says:

    I love “no disassemble” and “shiv!” and had no idea they had a third album until like 2 weeks ago when i stumbled on it from a chance look at their myspace. I totally agree. “Mermaids” feels like a fantastic continuation of their 1st album. “Trying to put your heart back together” has been on repeat since I got it.

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