Surkin – White Knight Two

Sorry for the lack of posting. I was home in D.C. for the weekend for some much-needed relaxation, which included tickets to both Capitals hockey games and my first visit to the all-new (and totally awesome) Nationals Park. I don’t head back to Madison until tomorrow, but I figured you might need something to tide you over until then. In fact, my father complained about my lack of posting. So, just to spite him, here is a new track from Surkin, famous for their remix of Justice’s “Dvno”. I’m posting it A) because it is really good. like really good, B) because I cannot get enough Parisian electronica, and C) because I’m sure my dad wont enjoy it. So there you go.

MP3: Surkin – “White Knight Two”

Not enough Surkin for you? Head over to Missingtoof for assorted Surkin originals and remixes. I’ll resume the heavy blogging tomorrow.



One Response to Surkin – White Knight Two

  1. daddyo says:

    German disco. best of both worlds. I’m guessing even you don’t like it.

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