Two New Songs from The Notwist

For those of you that completely missed the memo, The Notwist are a German indie rock band that formed almost 20 years ago, yet only have released six albums in that span, with their breakthrough coming in the form of 2002’s gem, Neon Golden. The sound has drifted into darker and more ambient music, but their ability to set the mood is something that has stayed constant.

Their newest album, The Devil, You + Me, represents the quartet’s effort to gain a more broad audience, and they do so quite nicely without losing their uniquely full sound. With songs like “Gone Gone Gone” and “Good Lies” (the first single), the band demonstrates their versatility, with “Gone Gone Gone” embodying their soft, acoustic sound, and “Good Lies” showing off the band’s knack for building emotion through layered instrumentation and vocals that are equal parts nostalgic and hopeful. The Devil, You + Me is a top-notch album that has captivated me since the first listen.

MP3: The Notwist – “Good Lies”
MP3: The Notwist – “Gone Gone Gone”

Pick up a copy of The Devil, You + Me in late may, and be sure to check their website for updates.


2 Responses to Two New Songs from The Notwist

  1. “goog lies” is an awesome track. When I first got the album I listend to it almost 20 times that day – and still did’nt get enough. I highly recommend this album!!!!

  2. Sweet! I love The Notwist — I kept waiting for them to come out with some new material.
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