My Brother is a Badass – Eat and Smile Foods


There have been a smattering of posts recently that don’t necessarily pertain to new music news but rather to my personal life, which has generated complaints (actually, the only complaint I’ve gotten is from Ethan). This is, however, my blog, so I again dive into personal matters, though this time I ask, nay IMPLORE you readers to check this out.

My oldest brother, Oliver, is a 26-year-old juggler-turned-stage-actor-turned-chef who recently started his own small business, Eat and Smile Foods. He offers cooking lessons at reasonable prices as well as catering for parties of as little as a romantic dinner for two all the way up to a 60 person cocktail party. I know this has nothing to do with music, but I feel like, after being blessed with his meals on my plate every time I come home from school for the past two years, everyone needs to get a chance to experience this. I mean, he makes his own bacon from scratch. HIS OWN BACON.

I write this post now because just today his wonderful and affordable services were written up in Daily Candy, the popular online tastemakers and lifestyle blog. The review is, not surprisingly, glowing, and I encourage you to hire this man if you live in or around the D.C. area. Even if you don’t need his services, be sure to read his weekly findings at the local D.C. farmer’s markets that he posts on his website. For a small fee, he’ll even dress up like the Swedish Chef from the Muppets and speak in gibberish. Did I mention he makes his own bacon?

GO HERE NOW FOR FREE SEX AND CHOCOLATE AND INSTANT ADMITTANCE INTO HEAVEN. Ok I lied, go there to see my brother’s website. Call (202)222-2222 for the free sex though (I get lonely at night).

MP3: Common – “The Food (Ft. Kanye West)”
MP3: The Walkmen – “All the Hands and the Cook”
MP3: Kanye West – “Big Brother”


2 Responses to My Brother is a Badass – Eat and Smile Foods

  1. ethanberlin says:

    When did I comment on your personal life?!?!?! at least you post haha

  2. madeleine says:

    woohoo! I can’t wait until I can afford to fly to DC to rent a space to pay Oliver to come cater a party for me in. Until then I will just have to recommend him to others. last time i saw him he brought me homemade pickles. they were delicious.

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