March Madness


Literally all I have been doing for the past three days is watching college basketball. Honestly though, is there any better time of the year than march madness? And as if it couldn’t get better, my team (Wisconsin) coasted their way into the sweet sixteen despite all of the ignorant talking heads picking them to lose. Up next is the winner of Georgetown vs. Davidson (which sucks because I love Georgetown almost as much as I love Wisconsin). I’m feeling the Badger love.

MP3: The Steve Miller Band – “Swingtown”
MP3: Kanye West – “Champion”
MP3: Univ. of Wisconsin Marching Band – “If You Want to Be a Badger”




9 Responses to March Madness

  1. steven john says:

    if you take out the basketball it looks like flowers and beasley are griding on each other……you know who else i wish were griding on each other…linkin park and jay-z! with me in the middle!

  2. nm says:

    two first names, but only one steven john

  3. cac says:


  4. jim says:

    i hate it how every person who writes a comment on a blog says nothing to do with the blog itself.

  5. Ron says:

    Too Bad you are not a UCLA fan, then you would have more reasons to be happy more often 🙂

  6. chillingsworth says:

    but if he was UCLA fan he would have to pay the refs to give his team calls, therefore emptying his bank account and forcing Zack to shut down ATG… what a pity that would be, especially since Western Kentucky is going to up set the Bruins anyway…

    sorry if anyone misconstrues this as harshness, just joshing around

  7. ??? says:


  8. Joe4Lyfe says:

    Ummmm your blog is good and everything but I think you need some JoBros on here, its kinda ridiculous. And if Joe is reading this, I LOVE YOU!!!! WE ARE GOING TO MEET SOME DAY, I JUST KNOW IT, I MEAN YOU NEED TO SEE MY WALL IN MY ROOM IT HAS ALL JONAS BROTHERS STUFF, BUT YOU’RE IN THE MOST BECAUSE YOU’RE THE BEST! Anyways, MORE JONAS BROTHERS is all I’m trying to say.

    – Joe’s Girl

  9. Eric says:

    Yeah. I been watchin’ a lot of basketball lately as well. Man did Wisconsin lay an egg against Davidson yesterday. Boy oh boy.

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