Spring Break

washington-dc.jpgSo I’m stuck in the Cincinatti airport trying to get home for my spring break. I swear that every airlines has it out for me, as this is my third cancelled flight in as many trips. Luckily my Dad offered to pick up my bar tab, so I am unsober enough to actually enjoy Ohio (sorry to my Ohio readers). So enjoy these tunes while I try to get home to the greatest city in the world, WASHINGTON, DC.

MP3: Mambo Sauce – “Welcome to DC”
MP3: Tabi Bonney – “Beat Rock”
MP3: Cold War Kids – “We Used to Vacation”


5 Responses to Spring Break

  1. Hope you get back east …

    Thnks for thinking uf us in the limbo that is air travel …. in moments like this just think What would Hunter S. Thompson dooo

  2. mice elph says:

    the cincinnati airport isn’t in ohio… you were actually in kentucky bro… not that that will make things any better. sorry about your luck.

  3. chrisrowe says:

    hit me up when u get to chocolate city cuz

  4. David says:

    Having been stuck in the Cinci airport on the way home from Spring Break last year, I can only sympathize with how much pain you have to be in. Only a mall converted to an airport can elicit that much pain…

  5. Dave says:

    i’m a reader from ohio…

    so yeah.. i know what you mean.. but also,, fuck you!

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