Syme is Good. Like, Really Good.


Wow. Thank you Syme, you Norweigan indie-pop starlets, for creating the song that will brighten my day…nay…my life. A perfect blend of Sigur Ros, Mew, Radiohead, Electric President, and the most soft, adorable bunny rabbit you’ve ever seen, you are the butter to my bread; the mac to my cheese, the Ike to my Tina. So thank you, Syme, for blessing my ears with your beauty. Do it again sometime, maybe in the form of a follow-up to your 2006 gem, Modern Love EP. Hurry, please.

MP3: Syme – “Modern Love”


3 Responses to Syme is Good. Like, Really Good.

  1. Miss P says:

    Isnt that a David Bowie cover??

  2. Pete says:

    Yeah. It is a Bowie cover. It’s a really good one too. You guys should also check out the more melancholy cover of this song done by The Last Town Chorus. It’s amazingly beautiful.

  3. Group Hug says:

    I just wanted to leave a general comment for your entire site:
    Your taste in music makes you SO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So thanks.

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