Spotlight On: No Kids


Vancouver based indie-pop newcomers No Kids are garnering some media attention with their first LP under the moniker No Kids, entitled Come Into My House (released last month on Tomlab). You may have already given them a listen and said, “hey, these guys sound familiar”. Well, if you’ve ever listened to P:ano, that’s why. The quartet recently changed names and labels to release their newest album, which is just unique and experimental enough to totally love. If you put The Blow and Flight of the Conchords in a blender, then added a little bit of Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, you’d get No Kids. And it’s not a coincidence that both The Blow and Casiotone are on Tomlab with No Kids as well. Honestly, just listen to “The Beaches All Closed” and tell me you don’t enjoy it. Check the awesome piano line in the back that sounds strikingly similar to the progression in Sufjans “Night Zombies”. Recommended for anyone with a soul.

MP3: No Kids – “The Beaches All Closed”


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