The Cool Kids – Action Figures


Hipster-hop heavyweights The Cool Kids are back on the blogs, this time with “Action Figures”, which will be on their newest effort, The Bake Sale, and they’ve made available over at their myspace. The beat is as hot and catchy “I (Mikey) Rock”, and Mikey Rock’s flow might be even better. Mike and Chuck Inglish have blown up faster than any talented hip-hop act in recent memory, and for good reason. I cannot put down Totally Flossed Out, and I’m sure The Bake Sale will be even better. While you’re at it, check their video for “Black Magz” on youtube.

MP3: The Cool Kids – “Action Figures”

Also, check out The Hood Internet‘s AWESOME mash-up of “I (Mikey) Rock” and Le Loup’s “We Are Gods! We Are Wolves!”. The little bleeps add a whole new dimension.

MP3: The Hood Internet (ABX) – “We Are Mikey! We are Rock! (The Cool Kids vs. Le Loup)”


3 Responses to The Cool Kids – Action Figures

  1. ekko says:

    e’erybody seems to dig these guys, but i just don’t get it. what am i missing?

  2. samurai1200 says:

    the lo-fi movement is back in styyyyyyyle. that’s what.

  3. jason says:

    ekko stop listening to 50 cent and britney spears and t-pain.
    cool kids are the future, its coming back to the lyrics

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