Spotlight on: The Virgins


Ok so this isn’t really quiet a Spotlight On, as these guys have been getting crazy hype recently, and how could they not? “Rich Girls” may be one of the catchiest songs since “Hey Ya”, with one of the ultra-funkiest basslines this side of George Clinton. Now you might say, “gosh, not another new age indie rock/pop band from New York”. Then I’ll say, “fuck you”. “Rich Girls” is equal parts Chromeo, The Strokes, and Phoenix, with a splash of funk to top things off. Their songs have been featured in both the CW’s “Gossip Girl” and HBO’s “Entourage”, so expect big things from these goofy hipsters in 08. Oh, and grab a copy of The Virgins ’07 EP here. Thanks to Dickson and Lansing for finding these guys.

MP3: The Virgins – “Rich Girls”
MP3: The Virgins – “Tequila Alley”


6 Responses to Spotlight on: The Virgins

  1. yzr says:

    tracks are on point.

    check out, it’ll be starting back in a little bit, once i get my act together and exams are done.

    and yea mayne, we from DC too. listen to our radio show. yzr.

  2. yzr says:

    oh, and if any of yall have that golden skans joint by the klaxons, e-mail it to me please! i need it badly.

    and our blog roll has a few similar joints…discobelle is that shit, as is agent zero’s blog. yzr.

  3. Erica says:

    I love the Virgins. glad they are getting some good buzz

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  5. Zack says:


    thats cool, i checked out your site. Im actually living with a sidwell alum this year.

  6. chrisrowe says:

    that funky bass line in rich girls is amazing

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