Rental Laptop + Updates + New Music


Expect posting to be slowed until Monday as my computer is being taken home to Chocolate City by my lovely girlfriend so that my brother can set up my Slingbox, therefore allowing me to watch Wizards/Capitals/Nationals games on my computer here in Madison, rather than having to watch the painfully dull and awful Bucks. So for now, I am using a rental computer from the University, and I don’t know it’s capabilities. I also don’t have an ftp uploader on this rental, so bear with me with the zshare links.

In other news, I GET TO SEE GIRL TALK TONIGHT!!!!! That’s right, Girl Talk is here in Madison tonight (along with Totally Michael). I caught the end of his set at Virgin Festival last Summer, but it was 10AM and I was already too intoxicated to truly appreciate it, so I’m basically a Girl Talk concert virgin. I’ve put on extra anti-perspirant and picked out the most indie-hipster outfit I have, and am ready to dance my face off. Oh, and contributer Ethan will be there too, and he helped book the show so…you know…thanks to him.

In other other news, these Girl Talk songs are awesome, and you should download them. And if you didn’t already know, Trey Told ‘Em is Girl Talk mastermind Gregg Gillis’ remix alias (along with friend Frank Musarra).

MP3: Peter Bjorn And John – “Let’s Call it Off (Girl Talk Remix)”
MP3: Professor Murder – “Dutch Hex (Trey Told ‘Em Remix)”


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  2. Andrew Wise says:

    Grooveshark followed Girl Talk on his Florida tour starting first in Gainesville, then to Orlando, then Tampa, and finally ending in Miami. Grooveshark might have even prevented the Miami show from being cancelled, at least we like to think we’re that important 🙂

    We recently had a chance to sit down with Greg and discuss the tour, getting laid in the bathroom, and his views on piracy:

    Girl Talk Grooveshark February 2008 Interview

  3. Justine says:

    Girl Talk is amazing! i saw him here in VT and it was the best show i have ever been to.

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